• Big Changes Means New Adventures!!

    If you haven't already heard, there are a lot of exciting things headed our way at Chesapeake Large Animal Services. Many of you have already met my little vet assistant, Benjamin. He hasn't met a cow, sheep, goat, pig, or horse that he doesn't like! Well, starting March 2022, Benjamin will be gaining his own assistant in the form of a little sister. I cannot wait for everyone to meet our newest "vet in training". With an extended family also comes the need for some additional space. As such, …

  • Vaccine Reactions

    Anaphylaxis is the body’s inappropriate, severe response to benign stimuli and can occur following vaccination. Signs of a vaccine reaction include lethargy, swelling, fever, collapse and in severe cases, death. If your animal had a previous anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine, you and your veterinarian should discuss whether the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risk of reaction. Less severe reactions to any injection can occur in the form of swelling at the injection site. If bacteria ar…

  • Small Ruminant Vaccines

    Core Vaccines - Rabies, CD&T

    Additional Vaccines - Caseous Lymphadenitis, Chlamydia abortus, Contagious Ecthema, Footrot, Pneumonia

  • Homemade N95 Face Masks

    The latest research by University of Florida has shown that mask made from double layering surgical drape is even better that N95 masks at preventing infection with small infectious particles!! Chesapeake Large Animal Services is donating 100 yards of poly drape to local sewers that can produce masks for out local doctors and nurses. ***Please email Chesapeakelargeanimalservices@gmail.com with you address (in Kent and Queen Anne's county, Maryland) and how many yards you like - material will be…

  • Equine Vaccinations

    It's that time of year to start thinking about your horse's annual vaccines. Here's a run down of the vaccines that Chesapeake Large Animal Services has available. Not sure what your horse needs? Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the perfect vaccination schedule for your animals.

  • Coronavirus and your animals

    There is a ton concern regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in regards to human health and safety. And with over 84,000 cases worldwide and approximately 2,800 deaths (as of the end of February), the concern is real. But what about animals? Can animals contract COVID-19? Can they spread COVID-19? Currently, the CDC says that "no animals in the United States have been identified with the virus, and there is no evidence that dogs or other pets can contract or spread COVID-19". According to the…

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