Coronavirus and your animals

    There is a ton concern regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in regards to human health and safety. And with over 84,000 cases worldwide and approximately 2,800 deaths (as of the end of February), the concern is real. But what about animals? Can animals contract COVID-19? Can they spread COVID-19? Currently, the CDC says that "no animals in the United States have been identified with the virus, and there is no evidence that dogs or other pets can contract or spread COVID-19".


    According to the CDC & AVMA, the following is what is currently known about the virus:

    • Right now, the primary concern is for human health. The virus causes flu-like symptoms in people, including mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.
    • At this time, experts have not expressed concern about transmission to or from animals. Multiple international health organizations have indicated that pets and other domestic animals are not considered at risk for contracting COVID-19.
    • As always, animal owners should continue to include pets and other animals in their emergency preparedness planning, including keeping a two-week supply of food and medications on hand.

    At the end of February, a dog in China tested postive for the presence of COVID-19 in its nasal passages. Despite the "weak positive" in the dog, there have been no reported cases of the disease in animals, and the dog that tested positive does not show symptoms of the disease.


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