Homemade N95 Face Masks

    The latest research by University of Florida has shown that mask made from double layering surgical drape is even better that N95 masks at preventing infection with small infectious particles!! 

    Chesapeake Large Animal Services is donating 100 yards of poly drape to local sewers that can produce masks for out local doctors and nurses. ***Please email Chesapeakelargeanimalservices@gmail.com with you address (in Kent and Queen Anne's county, Maryland) and how many yards you like - material will be left in your mailbox*** Sewers need to supply their own tie material (ribbon, shoelaces, elastic, bias tape, etc).

    Please read the article below for specifics when working with this material.

    MUST DOs

    😷 Do not use pieces of fabric that are ripped.
    😷Minimize the use of pins: Better alternatives are paper clips/sewing clip.​​



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