Vaccine Reactions


    Anaphylaxis is the body’s inappropriate, severe response to benign stimuli and can occur following vaccination. Signs of a vaccine reaction include lethargy, swelling, fever, collapse and in severe cases, death. If your animal had a previous anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine, you and your veterinarian should discuss whether the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risk of reaction.


    Less severe reactions to any injection can occur in the form of swelling at the injection site. If bacteria are introduced into the injection site, an abscess (or accumulation of pus) can form. Treatment for abscesses includes drainage and/or systemic antibiotics. Sterile swellings can also form when bacteria is not involved. These local swellings are accumulation of inflammatory cells at the injection site and do not usually require any treatment. In either situation, anti-inflammatories can be administered for pain that may be present.


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